Public Speaking: Learn to love it!

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These days, it’s almost impossible to avoid having to make a speech or presentation in front of an audience at some time or other, and being able to speak confidently in public is one of the most useful skills anyone can acquire.

Public speaking has always been an integral part of many professions. If you’re a politician, a lawyer or a stand-up comedian, for example, you know that addressing a group – or even a crowd – is going to be a large part of what you do. However, more and more, speaking in public is becoming a routine requirement in all sorts of jobs in business and industry. And then there are the social speeches, such as at weddings and parties to celebrate a specific event.

It’s a well known fact (cliché?) that something like ninety percent of the population would rather die than speak in public. If you feel like this, or even just a bit nervous about standing up in front of a group, this website offers you tips and advice for how to overcome your worries and learn to love public speaking.

Practical help with public speaking

Learn public speaking skills and come to love the limelight!Whether you're gearing up to make a business presentation, a wedding speech, a rousing address to a rally, or any other type of speech or presentation, what you need is some sound, practical advice about how to prepare, practise and deliver your talk. You may also want some help with overcoming excess nerves and anxiety about public speaking.

Because speaking is something we all do every day, people tend to assume public speaking is something we should all innately know how to do. This mistaken belief is responsible for a great deal of unnecessary stress. There are skills and techniques to successful public speaking, without which it is not only extremely difficult but also pretty scary to attempt making a speech or presentation. We are not born knowing these things, any more than we are born knowing how to play the piano or sail a boat.

The good news is, the techniques of successful public speaking can be learnt, in just a few hours.


Forget trial and error! You can save yourself an enormous amount of embarrassment and worry by reading up on how to make a success of public speaking and/or getting yourself some coaching.

Public speaking training

Often, the quickest way to learn a new skill is to take a few lessons.

One or two sessions of personalised public speaking coaching can make all the difference to your confidence and success.

Whether public speaking is new to you, you've had a bad experience or you're too scared to have tried it, some expert coaching will stand you in excellent stead.

One-to-one, customised training is the most efficient and effective route to accomplished public speaking.

Public speaking training

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Public Speaking Training

Public speaking ebook

The ebook Loving the Limelight lays out clearly everything you need to know to be a confident and effective speaker, from preparing yourself psychologically, writing your content and designing any visual aids, through rehearsing and honing your talk to delivering your speech or presentation with maximum impact.

Over the course of 50-odd pages, the ebook takes you through the five steps to successful public speaking.

You can download this pdf instantly, for approximately the price of a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Public speaking ebook

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Public Speaking eBook

Public speaking tips

On this website, you will find a great deal of useful information to help you prepare, practise and deliver a successful speech or presentation.

If you're looking for sound, practical advice to assist and encourage you with public speaking, there's a lot here to draw on.

For more depth and detail, the pdf ebook Loving the Limelight can be yours in less than five minutes.

Mastering a few straightforward techniques will transform your public speaking.

Public speaking skills

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Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills for all

As indicated above, public speaking skills are something everyone can learn. While it's true that those who naturally love the limelight have an advantage over those who feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention, to a great extent this is the advantage the hare has over the tortoise.

Are you a natural public speaker?

If you're a hare of public speaking and standing up in front of an audience is your idea of fun, enjoy it. But don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you're not scared you don't need to put any effort into preparing your talk. Confidence is a wonderful thing but it's no substitute for preparation and practice. Before giving any other sort of public performance you would practise and public speaking is no different.

Instead of lying down for a snooze in the middle of the race - or resting on your laurels - nurture and grow your talent. If you're relaxed addressing a group and you put in the necessary work to make sure your speech or presentation is tight, focused and well structured, your delivery clear, direct and free of potential distractions for the audience, you will indeed go far.

Are you not a natural public speaker?

If you're a tortoise of public speaking and the prospect of standing up in front of an audience fills you with dread, don't give up! Learn the techniques and you may well unearth a talent you didn't realise you had. Just because you don't know how to do it doesn't mean that, once you've learnt how to do it, you won't turn out to be extremely good at it. If public speaking doesn't come naturally to you, you will probably have to work harder for your success than will those who find it easy, but who knows how many hares you may overtake in the course of your steady, determined progress?

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