These days, it’s almost impossible to avoid having to make a speech or presentation at some time or other, and being able to speak confidently in public is one of the most useful skills anyone can acquire. Presenting has become a routine requirement in all sorts of jobs across business and industry, and expectations have risen of speeches at weddings and other social occasions.

Fear of public speaking is widespread and often deep-seated. Even people who are not terrified of standing up in front of a crowd often find public speaking difficult – simply because they’ve never learnt how to do it.

Public Speaking Skills for Everyone

Public speaker, public speaking coachWhether you have public speaking phobia, whether you’re frustrated that your talks are not getting the reactions you hope for, or whether you’ve never made a speech or presentation before and don’t know where to begin, help is at hand.

I am a public speaking coach with 25 years’ experience. My mission is to debunk public speaking mythology and get all my clients putting themselves across with both gusto and gravitas.

Public speaking skills are not something that either you’re born with or you’ll never have, as many people seem to believe. Anyone and everyone can learn to speak well in public. After a session or two of coaching, you may be astonished what you can achieve.

Another myth is that the best way to learn to speak well in public is to get out there and do it as often as possible. This plan is flawed on so many levels! At the very least, it’s slow and imprecise. If your speech or presentation goes all right, you won’t know why or whether it’ll be OK again next time. Neither will you know exactly how to improve it. If your speech or presentation goes badly, this can be a serious blow to the self-esteem and you really don’t need that. Forget trial and error: the answer is to get yourself some coaching.

The techniques of effective public speaking can be learnt in just a few hours.

Public Speaking Coaching for Corporate and Private Clients

Public Speaking Coach Georgina Kirk being interviewed on Sky News

I was interviewed by Sky News about the Leaders’ Debate, part of the 2015 general election campaign

My name is Georgina Kirk and I’m a public speaking coach, based in Manchester and working throughout the UK. Over the years, I’ve helped all sorts of people to find their voices and make them heard.

I’ve worked with senior executives, charity volunteers, academics, politicians, teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers, writers – and many, many best men, grooms and fathers of the bride!

You can read more about me and my background here and find answers to some frequently asked questions here.

I’ve worked with clients from a range of national and multinational organisations, as well as many smaller companies, hospitals, universities, colleges and schools, churches and charities.


Customised Coaching

Most of the coaching I do is one to one. In most cases, this is by far the most efficient and effective way of doing it.

If several – or more – people in your organisation would benefit from some public speaking training, let’s talk about how best to approach it. Perhaps a group workshop would be a good solution, or perhaps a group introduction with some one-to-one time each as well. Let’s see what would suit your circumstances the best.

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Practical Help with Public Speaking

Public speaking coaching for successBecause of the mystique that surrounds public speaking, people are often confused about how to approach it. Some guidance and personalised advice can transform stress into success.

As your coach, I will:

  • show you how to prepare your speech or presentation in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you to deliver with impact.
  • take you through the techniques of effective delivery.
  • give you feedback and support you to master the skills and do a great job.

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Help to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

More often than not, fear of public speaking is overcome by learning how to do it well. If you’ve never had any coaching, addressing a crowd can be a daunting prospect, but once you know what you’re doing, the fear dissolves.

Alongside the practical training, I have various psychological strategies I can share with you to help you to think about public speaking in a different and more positive way.

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Five Steps to Successful Public Speaking

If you’re not in a position to have coaching right now, or to give yourself a head start, you might like to download my ebook Loving the Limelight, which guides you through the five steps to successful public speaking. It’s a pdf download, priced at £5.50, giving you instant access to all the metaphorical tools you need to excel at and enjoy public speaking.

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For more information…

If you’re looking for practical help and support to become a strong, confident, effective public speaker, contact me and let’s make it happen!