If you’re looking for public speaking training in Manchester, you’ve found the right website! I am a public speaking coach with 25 years’ experience and for 20 of those years I’ve been based in Manchester. Whether you’re preparing for a business presentation, gearing up for a political campaign or wanting help with a wedding speech, a session or two of coaching will give you what you need to become an effective, confident public speaker. (Read more about Public Speaking Coaching.)

Manchester is a dynamic, forward-looking city, of which I’m proud to be a resident. After leading the world in the industrial revolution, Manchester has built on its successes by continuing to invest in education and training. (For fascinating and inspiring analysis of Manchester’s past and present, I recommend a guided tour of the city with Walk Manchester.) Alongside an impressive number of universities, colleges and academies – including, of course, the globally renowned University of Manchester, my alma mater – the UK’s second city is home to first-rate libraries, museums and all sorts of societies formed to enhance the knowledge and skills of their members.

The MIDAS agency says, “Knowledge-based industries are thriving in the city region, as Manchester is fast becoming one of the most important city regions in the UK for research, development, innovation and academic excellence”. Some might argue it has been for centuries, but the point is, people in Manchester are constantly pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge. In technology, in financial services, in healthcare, in engineering, in academia and in many other spheres, Manchester is flourishing.

Public speaking in Manchester - author talking about his book

An author gives a talk at Blackwell’s bookshop in Manchester

Public speaking plays a huge part in the life of the city. Countless presentations are made every day in business, industry, healthcare, academia and all the other areas. Countless speeches are made too, by politicians, activists, lobbyists, dignitaries and leaders, by sportspeople and celebrities, by those thanking a team for a job well done or bidding farewell to a retiring colleague, by those chairing clubs and societies, by mourners, commemorators and fund-raisers… and let’s not forget all those wedding speeches!

If you want to polish up your public speaking skills, for whatever purpose, help is at hand. There is more info below and more detail on the Public Speaking Coaching page – or just contact me and tell me a bit about your situation and objectives.

Public Speaking Training in Manchester for Corporate Clients

If you’re searching for public speaking/presentation skills training for several or more members of your organisation, let’s talk about the best way to provide that. Sometimes a group workshop can give everyone what they need; other times one-to-one coaching is a more effective option – and often some of each is the ideal combination. Please get in touch, so we can discuss your requirements. Then we’ll make a plan to give the participants the maximum benefit and your organisation the maximum value.

If you’re an individual whose organisation is paying for you to take a public speaking/presentation skills course, one or two sessions of one-to-one coaching will almost certainly get you to where you want to be as a speaker. I’ll take you through the techniques of effective delivery and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practise. We’ll look at how best to compose and structure a speech or presentation, so it’s as easy as possible to deliver and has greatest impact on the audience. If you struggle with nerves, we’ll also discuss the psychological aspects of successful public speaking.

Read more about public speaking coaching.

I’ve worked with a wide range of corporate clients in and around Manchester, including the Co-op Bank in the city centre, Brother in Audenshaw, Shell in Wythenshawe, Kellogg’s in Trafford Park, Cara Construction in Irlam, HSS Hire in Urmston, the Christie Hospital in Didsbury, the Bridgewater Hospital in Hulme and the University on the Oxford Road.

Public Speaking Training in Manchester for Private Clients

If you’re looking to get yourself some public speaking training, I can offer you focused, customised, one-to-one coaching, designed to meet your own specific needs. Whether it’s for work or any other purpose, I can help you overcome nerves and speak effectively to any audience.

One or two 90-minute sessions may well be all you need. The vast majority of my clients notice a significant improvement in their public speaking after only one session.

Read more about public speaking coaching.

I’ve worked with all sorts of individuals in and around Manchester, Salford and Stockport. Whatever the occasion you’re preparing for – or if you simply want to acquire the art of public speaking as another string to your bow – contact me and we’ll make a plan to suit you.

Personalised Public Speaking Training in Manchester

Particularly if we’re doing one-to-one coaching but also if we’re in a group, I personalise the training as much as possible to support each participant to reach his/her goals. Everybody comes to public speaking with different experience, concerns and obstacles: one size does not fit all. For some, it’s just about technique; for others, it’s about breaking down psychological barriers. There’s a lot of overlap between the practical and the psychological preparation, but the weight we give to each and how we approach it all will vary according to your own needs and objectives.

For effective, efficient public speaking training in Manchester, contact me here and let’s get you started on the road to success!