If you’re looking for public speaking training in London, there is a huge range of courses for you to choose from. How can you tell which one would work best for you? Here are a few suggestions to assist you in identifying the right public speaking course and coach for you.

Personalised Public Speaking Training in London

London is a vibrant city, leading the world in all sorts of areas of commerce and industry, culture and creativity, and it has a strong training scene to support that. This is all good, of course, but if you’re enrolling on an open, group course you need to be sure what you’re getting is going to be tailored to your specific needs. As you’re perusing their website, you should be able to get a feel for the extent to which the organisation/coach really cares about the clients and their success, as opposed to simply going through the motions of delivering a course. Even one to one, there is a danger of the coach giving you a lot of input but not necessarily addressing what you personally need from this training.

Perhaps you’ve tried a public speaking course before and came away disheartened. If so, let me assure you it’s not your fault and it’s certainly not the case that you’ll never become an effective public speaker. Different approaches work for different individuals but it’s also true that many people who are experts at whatever they do (e.g., public speaking) are not necessarily very good teachers.

Why Choose Me for Your Public Speaking Training in London

Public speaking in London

An author speaking at his London book launch

I am a public speaking coach with 25 years’ experience. I’m based in Manchester but the other place I work most often is London. My background is in teaching and training, and my courses are always customised to meet the specific needs of my clients, even in large groups, though particularly one to one, for obvious reasons. I’m also trained in psychotherapy, which has given me a wealth of insight and strategies to pass on to my clients in terms of overcoming fear and creating the image they want to project to their audiences.

In London, in addition to a lot of businesspeople, I’ve worked with politicians, clergy, writers, trainers and gurus, helping them to connect with their audiences and put themselves across with confidence and impact.

To read more about how I work, please see the main page about public speaking coaching.

I come from London and have many happy memories of life in Chiswick, Walthamstow and particularly Camden. Most of my family still lives in London – I have relatives across the city, from Twickenham to Islington – so I always have somewhere close and congenial to stay when I’m working in the capital.

If you’d like to discuss public speaking training in London, please contact me and let’s make a plan to suit you.